Monday, June 11, 2012

birthday time

it was my birthday yesterday, so to celebrate i lazed about in bed for an hour, (best use of time ever - don't be too jealous), before making our way over to st.kilda for lunch at restaurant mirka. every single time i go there i am knocked out by how stunning the dining room is & how good the food is. i told the husband that my lunch was so good, i felt sorry for him for not having what i had & he said the same thing back to me. the food is really that good that everyone feels like they've ordered the best dish on the menu. anyway it was nice to be back in the hood, dining in one of melbourne's most beautiful rooms, across the road from our old apartment where so many good things happened. we might not live across the street any more, but we're back with an entourage of two lovable* little monsters. my birthday present from the husband this year is kind of spectacular, so i'll post that next. let me just say it has required painting our entire back living area, which may or may not take til xmas to finish.

*mostly. charlie wasn't looking so lovable when we first sat down, but the fast thinking husband hailed a waiter to put some bread down in front of monster number 2 & all was good after that.


  1. happy birthday! we were in your neck of the woods yesterday (st kilda!) too for a weekend getaway - glad to hear you had a great day!

  2. i'm so glad you had a lovely day celebrating your birthday :) and credit to you and terry for even attempting to take your 2 little peeps to such a special place, let alone succeeding all thanks to some bread! good for you!!! lulu xx

  3. Happy birthday KK! Glad to hear it was a good one. And was Mirka excited to be eating at her namesake's restaurant?

  4. thanks jaclyn, lulu & tess :)
    mirka loved it. kept spelling out the sign. "m. i. r. k. a. mirka!!!"

  5. Looks like a great little spot, will have to go there soon. Love the pics x


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