Friday, June 1, 2012

did y'all think i was dead?

did y'all think i was dead? uh-uh i'm not dead; just lost my bloggin' mojo for a while, which not surprisingly seemed to go hand in hand with being crazy-time-busy at work. trying to finish a project and get it out to tender a couple of months ago was epic. the project wasn't that big or complicated, but it was the first real project i've done on archicad & in my new office & i seemed to be sucked into a time warp.. what felt like 15 minutes in the office was 5 hours in the outside world. needless to say the husband was not happy with me disappearing on weekends to "just quickly finish a drawing".. famous last words! i'm still not sure why it took so long to wrap it all up, but it did, and all before we went away on holiday to new orleans for close to a month. a whole month people. one glorious, sunny, silly happy month together & now i have to get back to normal life? huh? how do i do that? anyways, i wasn't sure exactly how to start back in this here space, so thought i'd share some more chalkboard scribbles with y'all. don't judge. i said they're squiggles. so before we left, we made a big count down board to get the kiddyliwinks excited & part of that was talking about where we were going, what we would do & where we would stay. just a little holiday shack. nothin' special. just a whole corner apartment in the heart of the french quarter with our very own wrap around balcony and this was my chalky squiggle at explaining what houses are like in new orleans. apparently it wasn't complete without fireworks, as added by mirka & charlie. 

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