Sunday, June 3, 2012

yarraville festival

while i'm playing catch up, i thought i'd post these photos from the yarraville festival. you can tell it was a few months ago by the sunshine. i gotta say i was loving the pop-up park out the front of the sun theatre, then just like that, it was gone. anyway, the festival.. i met the husband & mirka there with charlie. charlie saw his daddy & mirka saw her mummy. big hugs all round. nothing like a little person's reaction to make you feel like a rock star! mirka spotted the merry-go-round swing thing & really, really wanted a go.. let's just say the first time around was all smiles, but by revolution number 20, i recognised that rigid body language and dropped facial expression; well i knew the feeling. poor little girl was stuck on there until it stopped and she knew it, but our little trooper was very brave! we got to climb up & have a seat in a real fire truck afterwards, so all was shortly forgotten and our day was back on track. think i may have enjoyed clambering up into the fire truck just a little more than mirka.. or was that just because the firemen were flirting with all the mamas? hello ladies!

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