Wednesday, July 4, 2012

charlie's 22 month portrait on the eames rocker

22 months & so big already. at least charlie thinks so. in his mind, there's nothing he can't do. nothing. in fact his favourite game at the moment is "sthoo-per dhar-lie!" ..(super charlie) as in "super grover!" ..he lets himself fall straight forward from standing, assuming i'll catch him and of course i do, but just make it worse because once i've done it once, it's the best game in the world. just a little bit disconcerting, especially when it involves heights. but i've gotta say, he is a tough little cookie. falls, scrapes & head-butts into furniture are simply met with a grumpy face and a quick "ouch!" anyway, getting charlie to sit on the rocker was not happening, so i had to get out the old blue alarm clock again. hey, it works. props to props.

p.s. if you like his little drum windcheater, it's from hamb who have their own retail shop in footscray across the road from the happy river cafe if you're local.


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