Thursday, July 5, 2012

what's in the box?

that's right, you better believe it's real. yeah it's real. i'm not into the whole copy-cat, replica, faux, fake,  furniture industry that knows no boundaries. anyway, this rare beauty is my spectacular birthday present from the husband. for those of you thinking; oh man, why doesn't my hurs-ban give me an original PH5 pendant from angelucci? stop. no husband is that good. i organised it. the husband paid for it & is painting our living area in preparation for it. what? you wouldn't repaint a huge, pain-in-the-ass,  open plan area from 'dulux white swan' to 'dulux vivid white'? the PH5 demands the perfect white, not some lame ass creamy white.  if you really, really want your own PH5, i can't promise anyone will help you paint your room the perfect white, but i'm pretty sure you could contact angelucci & ask them to find you one. no doubt it will take several months, but i'm sure they'll find you one too. modern day treasure hunters. 


  1. Oh yeah! That's a great lamp and we live in a vivid white world too. Hope you had a nice birthday. x

  2. I concur absolutely on the change to a whiter white. Once the Vivid is up, it will make the Swan look like a duckling. It's really interesting, because I was having this very same conversation with a client yesterday, about how our perception of what is "white" is so influenced by other fashions and eras around us. A few years ago, everybody wanted chalky white - now everybody is asking for a much cleaner, brighter white. And yet we call it all "white".

    And as for the PH5. I can't speak for jealousy.

  3. aww, stunning captain. props to the hurs-ban and his painting skills too. it's going to look so good when it's all done. xo


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