Saturday, August 11, 2012

charlie's 23 month portrait on the eames rocker

wow. 23 months. second last portrait 'til he turns 2 & i finish up with the monthly updates. so here is our mr. charlie; decider of all things cool. "cool sthoes (shoes)".. "cool panths (pants)"etc. and yes, his little gonzo shoes are pretty cool, but if you ask me, the coolest thing is charlie's soft, husky voice that has the cutest little lisp when he says "s". we took the kids to see the latest muppet movie a few times when it first came out and charlie being a big grover fan, took an instant liking to gonzo. i think because he is also blue with a big nose & goggly eyes, just like lovable old grover. anyway, we brought gonzo & the little adidas gonzo-the-great shoes back with us from our recent trip to new orleans & they have been top of charlie's cool list ever since. 

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