Wednesday, September 12, 2012

charlie's 24 month portrait on the eames rocker

here it is. the 24 month portrait. the last official monthly portrait of our charlie. so this is the end of my baby-mama years. is it? i'm 99.9% sure it is. the monthly portraits have been the only thing keeping this here blog limping along, but here's to getting back to business.

so what's new charlie boy? you are pretty funny, let me tell you. you even say "i'm funny!" .. i guess it's because you make me giggle & i tell you you're funny, but you know, you are. you can also be quite the determined, independent, cranky little shit when you want. like when you want to climb up or down steps on your own and someone innocently tries to help you. no. no thank-you. you crack it, wriggle out of said innocent helper's arms & climb back down or up to start over. on your own. other than your out-of-character tantrums, (let's-just-put-it-down-to-the-terrible-twos), you are one seriously happy, snuggly, clever little boy. you love going to the zoo, but can't decide between elephants, giraffes or meerkats as your favourite. you love music & your daddy's mini cooper like you love your mama. and you loves me a lot. when i took you for your 2 year old check up, the maternal health nurse was blown away by your beaming happiness & all your words. i think you're quite the little extrovert, just like your daddy. you are 88cm tall, which going by the old rule of thumb where you double a kid's height at 2, then add a couple of centimetres, means you will end up as 178cm tall. that's 5'10" for you non metric folks. (hi vivi!).  anyway, we loves you charlie bear. x

update: in the month since he turned 2, the husband & i have noticed a considerable growth spurt in charlie, so i just measured him. as it happens, he has grown another 2cms since i measured him & is now 90cm tall. going by that, charlie will be a bit over 1.8m tall when he is an adult, (that's about 6' for you vivi).

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  1. great photos kk! charlie is lovely. you two are very lucky xx J


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