Tuesday, September 18, 2012

charlie's 2nd birthday


charlie, lucky pants, harper. that's our boy. it has been crazy busy around here lately, not least because charlie & mirka have birthdays only 2 weeks apart. some may say it was genius on our behalf to have 2 kids, 2 weeks short of 2 years apart and some may say it was madness. to be honest, i'm not exactly sure where i stand on that one, but i do know our kiddyliwinks love a birthday cake. our present to charlie was a train set and while he did say "wow!" and throw his arms up in joy when he unwrapped it, that was nothing compared to his excitement over the mini mini on his birthday cake. like i've said before, charlie loves his daddy's mini cooper, (me, not so much. i mean who buys a mini cooper when you have 2 kids??). the mini mini cake topper instantly catapulted to world's best present in charlie's mind as soon as he saw it. the husband and i were pretty happy with ourselves after we managed to pull together charlie's birthday cake the night before. late, very late, the night before. not bad hey? nothing a store bought sponge cake, sandwiched with raspberry jam & cream and covered in coloured coconut and a couple of strips of licorice can't achieve. so there you have it. charlie's 2nd birthday cake made by mummy & daddy. 

p.s. these photos were taken before i learnt how to use my camera properly. there will be quite a few more pre tim coulson workshop photos to come, since i've quite a lot to catch up on. quite a lot.

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