Sunday, April 7, 2013

what kk did: march 2012

what kk did: march 2012

1.  despite my grumpy pants about the mini & it's new home in the garage meaning the contents of the shed were dumped throughout the house to accommodate the mini, i did enjoy the husband picking me up so we could have lunch together. i would text him a scribble like this & he would text back Y or N. the husband is nothing if not efficient with his texting.
2.  i've had this chair forever. in fact, my mum has had it since she was 15 when she bought it at auction for peanuts with the matching desk & gave it to me when i was 15. i love the shadows it makes & the kids love poking cotton buds through the little holes.
3.  contents of my desk. every blue moon i clean up my desk, which involves moving everything on to the sofa & then back again once i've given it a quick once over.
4.  if the husband wasn't in enough trouble over tricking me about being OK with the mini being parked under the carport & then changing his mind and re-organising everything to turn the shed into a garage, he was when he shaved off my baby boy's hair!!
5.  we did some gardening. i love photos like this when mirka just stares straight into the camera, even if her expression screams "get out of my face, i'm busy being daddy's little helper!"

Friday, March 29, 2013

the mini

i couldn't' let february 2012 go past without acknowledging the mini. the husband bought it for himself for his birthday last year in an effort to get him off the vespa & into a safer mode of transport. hmmmm. not sure a 1964 mini cooper classifies as having any safety features whatsoever & it freaks me out nearly as much as him zipping around on the vespa. hello fun police. anyway this car has been the source of my grumpy pants quite a few times over the last year, (i hinted at it here) but after a big heart to heart with the husband at the start of the year, i think we've met somewhere in the middle of both of us understanding why he loves it so much & why i resented it. so, although it's not exactly a reliable, family sized or safe car (!!), of course the kiddyliwinks love it & it does make the husband's heart sing; just look at the stupid grin on his face when we picked it up last year. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

what kk did: february 2012

what kk did: february 2012

1.  honey, i love you. valentine's card from here.
2.  some favourite books. sweet cushion covers made by the talented kingsley.
3.  cutest little hand prints displayed with my oversized timber peg.
4.  we went to the zoo. a lot. 
5.  at the zoo again. mirka was never too thrilled about giving up the main seat on the bugaboo & would jump in at any chance if charlie left it unattended. charlie didn't seem to mind. he would just climb on the toddler seat /skate board attachment and hold on as best he could, with his little arms stretched to maximum. yes, i did get some funny looks.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

what kk did: january 2012

in an effort to return to blogging & continue capturing some of our life here that i don't want to forget, i've decided to do a series of quick monthly catch up posts, starting from january last year. yes, last year. i'm calling them the what kk did series and so, here is january:

1. we made gingerbread hearts with the leftover xmas gingerbread dough & started dreaming about maybe, just maybe, taking off for a big new orleans adventure, (hence the new orleans cafe du monde mug).
2. we went to the beach in the evenings most nights & the kiddyliwinks loved wearing their new swimmers & sunnies. yeah, i dress them in matching swimmers. 
3. charlie liked to climb things. any height. fast.
4. i bought a 3metre high old painter's ladder from industria (sadly no longer in fitzroy) & made it our new bathroom towel rail. you may say crazy; especially in the light of my previous comment about charlie climbing everything, but i say interesting contrast in scale. and maybe a little crazy.
5. we had a super casual lunch for australia day & i got another use out of my sentimental rob ryan four season plates.

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