Sunday, March 24, 2013

what kk did: january 2012

in an effort to return to blogging & continue capturing some of our life here that i don't want to forget, i've decided to do a series of quick monthly catch up posts, starting from january last year. yes, last year. i'm calling them the what kk did series and so, here is january:

1. we made gingerbread hearts with the leftover xmas gingerbread dough & started dreaming about maybe, just maybe, taking off for a big new orleans adventure, (hence the new orleans cafe du monde mug).
2. we went to the beach in the evenings most nights & the kiddyliwinks loved wearing their new swimmers & sunnies. yeah, i dress them in matching swimmers. 
3. charlie liked to climb things. any height. fast.
4. i bought a 3metre high old painter's ladder from industria (sadly no longer in fitzroy) & made it our new bathroom towel rail. you may say crazy; especially in the light of my previous comment about charlie climbing everything, but i say interesting contrast in scale. and maybe a little crazy.
5. we had a super casual lunch for australia day & i got another use out of my sentimental rob ryan four season plates.

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