Sunday, April 7, 2013

what kk did: march 2012

what kk did: march 2012

1.  despite my grumpy pants about the mini & it's new home in the garage meaning the contents of the shed were dumped throughout the house to accommodate the mini, i did enjoy the husband picking me up so we could have lunch together. i would text him a scribble like this & he would text back Y or N. the husband is nothing if not efficient with his texting.
2.  i've had this chair forever. in fact, my mum has had it since she was 15 when she bought it at auction for peanuts with the matching desk & gave it to me when i was 15. i love the shadows it makes & the kids love poking cotton buds through the little holes.
3.  contents of my desk. every blue moon i clean up my desk, which involves moving everything on to the sofa & then back again once i've given it a quick once over.
4.  if the husband wasn't in enough trouble over tricking me about being OK with the mini being parked under the carport & then changing his mind and re-organising everything to turn the shed into a garage, he was when he shaved off my baby boy's hair!!
5.  we did some gardening. i love photos like this when mirka just stares straight into the camera, even if her expression screams "get out of my face, i'm busy being daddy's little helper!"


  1. Like the history of that chair! Charlie is looking cute. xo


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