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Thursday, January 19, 2012

put the love in the coconut

what does that even mean? the stylish ms. montmartre asked me this after my bragging about my new castle/ gorman tea towel acquisition on facebook recently & she's right.. what the hell does it mean? i have no idea other than it being a cute play on kermit's 'put the lime in the coconut'  lyrics, but i don't really care because one; i'm in to it for the colours, two; i'm shallow like that & three; my favourite is the rainbow one anyway. turns out mirka likes it too & i had to pry her little mitts off it to take these photos. good taste that one. fluoro.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

hello sparrow

next up in my perth series is mr. sparrow, a teeny-tiny sized shop in subiaco, jam packed with gorgeousness. is that a word? that doesn't matter. what matters is the photo evidence. you can find all the products on their online shop here. i bought some lovely xmas presents while i was in there, but i'm wondering if i made a mistake not buying a once a year book (in last photo) for mirka & charlie both. they're kind of expensive, but what a beautiful book to give them on their 18th birthdays. blue horse for charlie & green bird for mirka.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

fine & sunny

we went up to mildura for xmas & thanks to a gift voucher i received (thanks a&k!), i found myself in an awesome design shop called fine & sunny. only a year or so old, it's run by two sisters shell and annie, who have put together a fabulous selection of design goods, with a focus on local australian design.. and who very kindly let me take photos while i was testing out my skills with my new camera. (never had a fancy pants SLR with manual focus before, but gawd do i love it!) anyways, i had a good old chat with the lovely shell & we agreed we like a lot of similar things. it's my kind of shop. i love the industrial touch their shop furniture adds to everything too. how great is that bank of lockers behind the counter? apparently it's from one of the local high schools and every now & then they get a customer doing a double take when they see it! i really wish i did this post sooner because now i can't remember all the treasures they stock, but these are the ones i do remember.. mud ceramics, naomi murrell prints & jewellery, my mother mabel resin & plywood jewellery, frankie books, beautiful pillowcases from sunday morning designs, skinny laminx teatowels & salt water sandals

Sunday, December 5, 2010

orla kiely teaser

oo-la-la, as if the pillowcases weren't enough, i had to go snooping around the orla kiely u.k. website & now i'm in love with these little fellas. unfortunately the ceramics aren't available in the u.s. & i don't have an accomplice in the u.k., like i do with vivi in the u.s. the dark grey sugar bowl would look so good in my kitchen too. bummer.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

write your name

on your bike. your name on your bike people! as seen here via the cool hunter. so clever with the 'i' in the top one marked with the white stripe. how much do i want one that says captain? or captn. a lot. with a cute little basket on the front too. would have saved me a lot of time as a kid, when i was forever locking up my bike in scorching 40 degree heat, to the bike racks out the front of the local olympic pool. i mean, who would steal a bike with someone elses name on it? bespoke is a word that is overused in the design world, but this, this, is bespoke.

Friday, October 15, 2010

sweet songbird

it's true. the magpies smashed the saints. another grand final lost. fine. i'm done with that. now when i think of magpies, i choose to think of these beautiful pieces by magpie & rye.  i absolutely love this balance necklace and although i'm not a gold wearer, the hexagon ring is a little something special, no? 

Monday, September 27, 2010

show & tell

here they are.. my lovely smiling planet plates from the stash of goodies that arrived with vivi's suitcase recently. in theory, there is one each for mirka & charlie, but for right now, i'm loving eating my morning toast off them. maybe i'm just sleep deprived at the moment, but i think it makes ordinary, everyday toast into happy toast. i was reminded of this when i saw diane's recent post on ninainvorm's work & made a comment something along the lines of how could one not start their day off happy bla bla.. anyway, if you haven't checked out diane's blog, notes to a further excuse, get over there. i likes.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

good morning

good morning. since we've been home from hospital, i've been lucky enough to still get breakfast in bed from the husband each morning. the unfortunate thing about being a real patient in the hospital, as opposed to someone who just had a baby, is that we couldn't be transfered to the hotel partner program & live it up at the grand hyatt, like we did when mirka was born. oh well, i guess the main thing is that i came home healthy with a healthy bubba, right? still, i was so looking forward to the king size bed, hotel sheets & 5 star room service. isn't that what private health insurance is for? the husband says he might just surprise me with a hotel getaway, you know, in 2020 when we have some spare time. anyways, back to my breakfast in bed.. notice anything on the tray? yes, that's my new timber toast board that arrived with vivi last week.. right there under the banana.. yes, i really did go ahead & order it. treasure.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

smiling planet plates

are these not the sweetest plates ever? i found these via a lovely & new-to-me blog called smallest things. they are by smiling planet & i'm in love with the top one. all i'm sayin' is that vivi's suitcase is gonna be chock full of treasure when she visits from the u.s. in a couple of months. can't be that hard to fit  in a couple of plates next to the toast cutting board.. right? 

Monday, July 12, 2010

porcelain rain drop

woah.. that was fast, even for me. the latest post from kitty genius popped up in my reader, my eye zoomed in on the light blue rain drop & before i knew it, i had signed off out of my paypal account. deal done. more treasure on it's way. now husband, serioiusly, it's ok. it was only 10 bucks and think how much you loved hanging the porcelain mirka star on the christmas tree last year. i'm planning on adding a little white ribbon to this baby & it will become part of my treasured christmas ornament collection.. one or two special ones each year. 

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

birthday inspiration

mi amiga, the talented kingsley, is having a birthday soon, so i've been on the lookout for something special. i've got something in mind & i'll share that once the birthday girl knows about it, but i thought i'd share some etsy birthday gift inspiration. first up, (top left), kingsley loves anything to do with happy animal creatures & i know she would lurve this t-shirt by boygirlparty. the hello necklace by joanna rutter just screams kingsley, as do the little apple studs.. and the sweet modern thankyou card i just liked. well, i do loves me some grey, white & soft blue, but it's really because taking the time to find the perfect gift is like saying "thankyou for being an awesome person who is important to me." yes? yes.

Friday, June 18, 2010

toasty treasure

well, if etsy doesn't get any better than timber toast, (on the left), then how good is this toast shaped cutting board from the curiosity shoppe? the husband saw me looking at the chopping board online (the one on the right) & said something rude, but i'm not sure if i can resist hitting "add to cart". i mean it's only 14 bucks & while they don't ship internationally, what vivi doesn't know is in the mail to me, via her in new orleans, won't hurt her! oh that's right, vivi reads this. 

Friday, June 11, 2010

birthday treats

so after our fancy pants birthday breakfast, i went off to a preggie massage while the husband stayed home with the little one asleep. gawd i love a massage. i haven't had one since mother's day last year & after yesterday i've decided there's nothing to it.. i'm just going to take myself off for one every second week, for the rest of this pregnancy. to top off a perfect day, the husband gave me my birthday present when i got home over a cup of tea, some garden picked flowers & some tasty, tasty, portuguese tarts. but look closely because the cup of tea is my present.. well the striking black & white marimekko mug is. i love it so.. i think i've already had at least 20 cups* out of it since yesterday. note the ever patient husband in the background of the bottom right photo.. waiting, waiting, waiting to enjoy the little tarts while i take my photos. you're a good man husband, even if i know you were secretly thinking i was mad at the time.

*de-caf for baby boy, which surprisingly, is ok.. even for a serious tea drinker like me.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

junk shop treasure

what is it about little tables & stools that suck me in? we met up with friends at our favourite cafe in yarraville this morning before taking the little one to the park. of course, the way to the park is paved in temptation in the form of a little junk shop. i could just walk on by, but you have to understand that they have all their goodies spilling out on to the footpath, proving hard for almost anyone to resist. i love me a junk shop. i do. most of the time it's just to lurk, see the potential and then sensibly walk away, knowing i have no time to take on any new projects. but not today. today, two little treasures came home with me. a small side table (10 bucks) & little white metal stool (15 bucks). the husband was with me on the table, but not so on the stool. funny thing is, the little stool is my favourite of the two. i've only just noticed that it looks a lot like a champagne top.. maybe that's it. 

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

kid measurer

my talented friend jacq sent me the link to this. remember this post? well, this is the australian version from small australian projects. at $350 it's something you want to be happy to look at for the long term, but i guess that's the idea. it is beautiful, no? modern, graphic, subtle, crafted & like i said, beautiful.

Friday, April 16, 2010

roses & new bling

ahh.. life's good when you've got 2 personal chefs / assistants / nannies for the little one. vivi has been entertaining mirka & kingsley has been cooking up a storm for  our dinners.. it's sure to always be tasty, but who cares what's cookin' when i'm not the one doing the cookin'. anyways, we took ourselves off to fitzroy last weekend & came home with paddington from the rose street markets & some bright enamel bangles from douglas & hope. turquoise for kingsley. yellow for me. i'm not normally a gold kind of girl, but i like it with the yellow. i likes a lot. nice long shadow in the last photo too huh? 

Thursday, March 11, 2010

mini ceramic vessels

my favourite is the apple. it would look pretty cute on my desk, no? they're from twine, who have all sorts of treasure. the question is, should i buy one just for myself, or should i buy one for kingsley too, who will be visiting over easter & no doubt might smuggle my new apple home with her if i don't?

update: it's done. now i wait.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


man, it feels busy around here, hence the sporadic bloggin going on. i'm back in the office a couple of days a week, which means early morning starts, bundling the little one off to childcare, dropping the husband off at the train station & a full day at work.. all before the reverse at the end of the day. anyways i've been thinking that i need to find a friendly alarm to wake up to & thanks to this post, i think i've found it.. it's the bird box alarm clock by luckybits. it's a little home to sit your iphone in, with a cut out to see the clock & hear a recording of birds chirping. check out the video. how good will it be to wake up to birdies chirping? real good.

update: it's done. i can just imagine the husband's reaction to this one when it arrives. but, it only cost $19.92 including shipping from the uk. not bad huh? and that's with the aussie dollar being down a bit. 

Thursday, January 28, 2010

little piggy

feel like a laff? well then, imagine yourself opposite your friend or lover while you enjoyed an early morning tea or coffee in one of these 'koppen' porcelain cups as first seen on bloesemhere.. right when you looked up to see your trusty companion take a sip you would be greeted with their little piggy face! tell me that wouldn't make you smile :) the only problem is, i can't see an easy way to buy them online. if you love them, i think you need to contact dutch designers freaks united & ask them. actually, if you like these, then i think you'll like the movie penelope. i did.

(image from bloesem)

Friday, January 8, 2010

heide collection

what other goodies did i find out at the heide store? well, i absolutely love the twiggy owl mobile by anke kindle from i-design-things. i mean, i really love it, but we just bought the mirka mora vase, so our funds were low. too bad, i know it won't last long. apparently anke just makes them up as they sell them and they're all slightly different. the heide store has a small collection of samantha robinson's beautiful porcelain, which i read in the latest belle mag have been picked up by cult store anthropologie. they also have the gorgeous tea set commissioned from the talented kat mcleod as previously featured by lucy over at the design  files & who wouldn't want to enjoy their morning cuppa out of a heide mug?

p.s. sorry about the grainy photos. my real camera ran out of life, so i had to use the iphone camera.

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